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WANTED: survey analysis

We have a survey with 300 responses about GLASS; we need someone to look at the responses and analyze them so that we know whether we should include an incentiv...

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Need business cards designed

We need business cards for our project on Thursday for our "pitch" . We would like the same design theme as the KIE.

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WANTED: 2 dice

Need 2 dice for our presentation for Wednesday

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Skilled copywriter available

Hey everyone! I am a Philosophy/English double major willing to assist anyone with editing/revising project proposals and other written work for up to 3 hours t...

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Let me criticize you!

Experienced juror willing to criticize your work or personal character/appearance.

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2 hours of studio time this week

Willing to help out any of the other teams on conceptualizing, writing or presenting for 2 hours this week, on any morning.

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Experienced statistical analyst looking to help

Hey everyone! i have a lot of experience using Excel, Stata, and other statistical software to analyze and report various forms of data in various different met...

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5 hours of time available

Hey everyone! I am very curious about other groups' projects and I really want to get to know everyone better. That is why I am volunteering 5 hours of my time ...

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WANTED: someone to fold comic booklets

Our team needs someone to fold and staple 30 comic booklets of 10 pages each. Shouldn't take more than an hour. We need it by Tuesday night

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Can code basic websites

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